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Tuoi Tre News "Economist Philipp Rösler: 'There will always be crises, it's important to stand up'


26 Apr 2023

This morning, April 26, Tuoi Tre newspaper held a talk show, "Inspiration for Entrepreneurship 2023" at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, with the participation of Mr Philipp Rösler - Honorary Consul of Vietnam in Switzerland, former deputy German Prime Minister.

Throughout the talk show, the speakers shared and exchanged knowledge and lessons learned in starting a business. In addition, the event also honoured 22 typical start-ups in 2023 with impressive products and bringing great value to the community. At the same time, spreading entrepreneurial inspiration to students, young people are passionate about scientific research and strong desire to start a business.

Photo: Economic expert Philipp Rösler, one of the keynote speakers of the talk show "Startup Inspiration" - Photo: QUANG DINH

The program has the participation of State agencies, companion units and many guests. Considered the most anticipated activity of the Youth Start-Up Award 2023, the talk show "Startup Inspiration" today featured many speakers, including Mr Philipp Rösler - Honorary Consul. Vietnam in Switzerland, the former deputy chancellor of Germany will be one of the main speakers of this season 4 program.

Photo: Journalist Le The Chu, editor-in-chief of Tuoi Tre newspaper, gave the opening speech - Photo: QUANG DINH

There were also Mr Pham Phu Ngoc Trai - Chairman and Founder of GIBC, Mr Don Lam - General Director & Founding Shareholder of VinaCapital, Mr Le Yen Thanh - Founder and CEO of BusMap, Ms Linh Pham - Founder & CEO of Logivan, Ms Nguyen Thi Dieu Hang - Director of the Startup Support Center (BSSC).


Speaking at the opening ceremony, journalist Le The Chu, editor-in-chief of Tuoi Tre newspaper, said: "The program contributes to fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship among young people towards the start-up nation. There have been hundreds of projects submitted to us for the program from home and abroad.


After two preliminary rounds, the appraisal council selected the top 22 typical start-ups. These are start-ups with depth, diversity and practical solutions, applying high technology and creating a lot of value for society.


As a media agency for young people and having relationships with businesses, investment funds, etc., we hope to stand side by side and contribute to spreading the value and start-up efforts of startups. -up young".

"If there is no crisis, it is difficult to have the motivation to move, change"

Photo: Economic expert Philipp Rösler (centre) and businessman Don Lam attended the talk show "Startup inspiration" on April 26 - Photo: QUANG DINH

Mr Philipp Rösler stated in the talk show "Startup Inspiration" that his shared topic is what we can do to turn challenges and crises, panic into opportunity.

"I am very honoured to be invited to the Youth Start-Up Award today," he said. Many things have been taught to me while working. I've faced many challenges, but thanks to ongoing education, I'm not afraid to fail, which I did.

There will always be crises in life, work, and so on; it is critical to always rise to the occasion and learn valuable lessons.

For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, medical teams worked tirelessly to ensure that vaccines were available to society as soon as possible. It is worth noting that vaccines are produced by startups rather than established corporations.

Most games now place a premium on speed. We will have little motivation to move and change if there is no crisis."

Photo: Journalist Tran Xuan Toan, deputy editor-in-chief of Tuoi Tre newspaper, welcomes Mr Philipp Rosler - Photo: QUANG DINH

A student at the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City asked Mr Philipp Rösler how to have an innovative mindset and how to face failure.

In response, the Honorary Consul of Vietnam in Switzerland said: "Thinking is a keyword that is mentioned a lot in today's society. For this, openness and willingness to absorb... are very important.

In addition, innovation also needs to pay attention to whether the idea is realistic and how, from the idea, the business model creates a unique and competitive model in the market.

What about the story of fear and failure? No one likes it, but fear of failure gives us the opportunity to be careful in what we do, motivating us to be stronger, and more flexible, and to think more creatively in problem-solving.


Full story in Vietnamese at the Tuoi Tre News:


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