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Transforming Universities into Hubs of Green Innovation"

Baiba Hoeft

14 Sept 2023

Former German Deputy Prime Minister Philipp Rösler on the Evolving Role of Education in Sustainable Development

During a talk as part of the 4th Ho Chi Minh City Economic Forum, former Deputy Prime Minister of Germany, Philipp Rösler, discussed the evolving role of universities in promoting green development. He began by highlighting his childhood experiences in a German forested region where sustainable practices were ingrained in the community, emphasising the long-standing value of environmentally responsible behaviours.


Rösler noted that historically, economic development often contradicted environmental concerns, but today, countries prioritise sustainable development due to technological advancements. Modern technologies like drones and advanced irrigation methods allow for more sustainable agriculture. Rösler stressed that digital advances and technology have balanced economic growth and environmental protection.

He emphasised that universities are crucial in advancing green development by evolving from traditional knowledge-centred institutions into innovation hubs. Rösler sees universities as the birthplace of new ideas and knowledge, capable of connecting academia with industry to create sustainable products. Additionally, he stressed the importance of educating students about their responsibilities in sustainable development.


Rösler encouraged young people to understand the negative impact of human actions on nature and to take active roles in promoting sustainable practices. He believes that countries, including Vietnam, have the ability to address sustainable development challenges independently and should prioritise identifying and addressing issues promptly. In conclusion, Rösler highlighted the importance of self-reliance and proactive solutions in achieving sustainable development goals.


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