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Global AI Market: Enterprises Need a Legal Framework


17 Nov 2023

Video Interview with Dr Philipp Rösler by Brian Pereira, Sr. Director – Editorial at ISMG

In an era where the integration of AI tools, systems, and technologies is becoming increasingly prevalent across various industries, questions about ethics, transparency, and compliance are more important than ever. This includes considerations for regulations like GDPR and the broader implications of AI misuse and privacy breaches.


In this insightful video interview with ISMG, Dr Philipp Rösler delves into several crucial aspects of AI governance, which is attracting more attention in today's digital landscape. Key points of discussion include:


The Need for Global AI Regulation: Understanding why establishing a global framework is critical for the responsible and ethical use of AI.


AI in the Hands of Cybercriminals: Exploring the emerging trends of AI utilization in cyber-attacks and the implications for digital security.


Evaluating the European Union's Proposed AI Act: Discussing the merits and potential impact of the EU's proposed legislation on AI.


As we navigate through these complex and rapidly evolving technological advancements, it's essential to establish robust legal frameworks that ensure AI is used for the greater good, safeguarding privacy and ethical standards.


🔗 full video interview



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