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Loc Troi meets Philipp Rösler

Baiba Hoeft

27 Apr 2023

Mr Huynh Van Thon, Chairman of the Loc Troi Group, along with his outstanding team, meets and greets Dr Philipp Rösler, Board member of Loc Troi Group

Mr Huynh Van Thon, Chairman of the Loc Troi Group, met with Dr Philipp Rösler, a Board member of the Loc Troi Group, yesterday morning, April 27th.


Vietnam's Loc Troi Group is a leading agricultural business. In addition to the production and distribution of high-quality rice, the company also cultivates and sells other agricultural products, including vegetables, fruits, and livestock.


Loc Troi Group, founded in 1994, has become one of the largest rice producers in Vietnam. The company's success is in part attributable to its dedication to quality and sustainability. The products of Loc Troi Group are renowned for their superior taste, nutrition, and safety, and the company has implemented a number of initiatives to promote sustainable farming practices, such as the use of technology to reduce waste and increase efficiency.


Loc Troi Group is highly regarded in Vietnam's business community and has received numerous awards for its exceptional accomplishments. Recognised for its ethical and responsible business practices, the company has a solid track record of financial performance. Loc Troi Group has also been recognised for its contributions to the local community through philanthropic endeavours, such as its support of education and healthcare programmes.


Dr Philipp Rösler has been a member of the Loc Troi Group Board of Directors since 2022, helping to strengthen their reputable and successful agricultural business in Vietnam and supporting its commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical business practices.

Photo: The meeting was conducted with the group photo of Mr Huynh Van Thon, Chairman and Dr Philipp Rösler, Board member of Loc Troi Group in the middle.

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